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mommytoella's Journal

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I'm Jessica. I'm 22.
I'm the mother of 2 beautiful girls, Ella and Ashly (Ashly just arrived 10.25.06)
I'm engaged to the most wonderful man and father.
I live in Ohio, I've grown up here.
I am now a SAHM but was a WOHM.
I love being a young mother, so don't judge me.
I did not plan my children, that doesn't mean she gets less love.
I am a very girly girl, I love pink.
I can not stand drama, so don't bring any to my life/journal.
I am very outgoing, and I love to dance.
Yes I take a night off from being a Mommy, get over it.
I drink, but not a lot, I party but only when my daughter is with her father.
Yes, I love sex, no I'm not a slut!
I love chinese, yes I eat fast food while pregnant.
I trust in my friends, and consider myself loyal.
anything else you want to know, add me.


She is the LIGHT in my dark times.
She is the Beauty when things seem so ugly.
She is the reason I live.
She's also 2 years old. :)
She's learned the meaning of NO and tells everyone :)
So she's heading for those terrible TWOs. already
She is a happy baby, and has sass already!
She loves to giggle, and makes any room fall in love w/her.
She's my heart, she's my soul.


Our beautiful little one arrived 10.25.06
We are so happy. Our family is complete!
And she's taking it easy on us so far, she's just perfect.

I am still kinda new to livejournal, but am adding friends.
Mostly friends that are already mommies or expecting mommies.
My journal is Friends Only as some things are just private matters.
So if you think we have things in common and want to add me...feel free